Monday, July 27, 2015

WEEK #47 Badtizmi

Hey everybody!!  So this week we had changes.  Im still here in Brisas with my comp Estrada haha.  It was a really good week this week and we finally were able to have our first baptisms here in Brisas Del Plan!!  It was super cool and Ill tell more about it later!!  Its been a while though and it felt so good to help these young guys come unto Christ and take their first step back towards him!!

So Monday we had our English class like normal and it went good except for the fact that we didnt have a whiteboard so that was hard but we got to the end of the class and I asked if there was anything else they wanted to learn and of course Noe and Johan wanted to learn a bad word in English and so me and Elder Oxborrow tricked them and told them that Baptizeme is a bad word.  Anyway when we got over there Tuesday the first thing they said when they saw me was "BaptizeMe!  Baptizeme!" It was so funny!  They kept asking what it meant and I told them I would tell them after their baptism on Saturday haha but they looked it up and found it Friday and it was pretty funny.  But they spelled it in my agenda BADTIZMI.  Pretty funny!

But ya this week we worked with them a ton and had tons of lessons with members and were just helping them get prepared good for their baptism!  We had a pretty intense lesson with them and their parents as their parents werent quite sure if they wanted to give them permission to be baptized, but they decided it was a good thing at the end and gave them the permission!  So that was good, I just hope that their parents can be supportive of them and were actually gonna start teaching the parents as well!!  Should see some good things with them!!

There older brother Allan had a date for this Saturday too but still isnt ready.  Hes just gotta make some decisions right now and basically hes got to get married or leave the girl thats hes with.  Were gonna work with him a lot this week though and see what we can do cause he wants to get baptized as well!!  Hopefully all goes well!

So Saturday was the day of their baptism and we did service that Morning with a different investigator.  What we did was we went out into the mountains with him with machetes and chopped down some trees and then chopped them into 3 feet pieces and carried them back on our shoulders back to the road which was super far away.  It was a pretty legit experience though and it reminded me of Deer Hunting a bit!  I liked it but my body took a beating haha super tough work and I feel bad for these people that have to do that every Saturday so that they have fire wood to cook for the week!  Bummer though cause this guy promised us that hed show up to church with his family and they didnt show up.  But I actually just love serving.  Something that Ive learned out here is definitely service.  It makes you feel good doing stuff for others and really shows how much you care about others.  I love service!!

Anyway we had Johan and Noe come over later to try on their baptism clothes and we left with them and their mom to their baptism!  It was a really cool service and the spirit was present for sure!  They were a little nervous but we went down into the waters together and it was an amazing experience being able to baptize Johan and my comp baptized Noe.  Afterwards they both said that they could just feel something special and told us just how great they felt!  So cool to see their eyes just light up in purity.  There Mom also commented just how beautiful everything was!  I really hope that her heart will be opened to us through seeing this and that we will be able to teach her and help her come unto Christ as well!  

I bear testimony that this is the True Church of Jesus Christ restored on the earth today, and that we are doing his work in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Love you all, miss you all!  Have a great week!

Love Elder Hunt

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