Thursday, September 3, 2015

WEEK #52 Goodbye Brisas!

Well this was my last week here in Brisas!  And it was a very good one!  Couldnt be happier with what happened this week!!  I definitely experienced Honduras this week to its fulness!!  Today we went to Lake Yajoa with some members and went around the lake and saw some breathtaking sites!!  We also went fishing for a while and well we caught fish!!  But they were all little minos and I dont even know how they could bite the hook haha!  But the guy that took us got some luck and reeled in 2!!  It was definitely a different type of fishing though!  Not your regular fishing with poles and reels.  We used our hands, the string, a hook, a worm, and a piece of wood to wrap of the string!  Definitely got a good feel for Honduras fishing today!!

Looks like I have to cut this one real short cause there turning of the computers here real soon.  But Ill tell you all about everything what happened this week and next week next week!  We did end up having the 2 baptisms and it was such a great experience!  One of the happiest moments on my mission so far!!  I love you guys all so much!!  Cant wait to tell you everything next week!!  Where I am, hows the new area, new comp!  How the baptisms were and send pictures and everything again sorry this is so short!!  

Love Elder Hunt

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