Thursday, September 3, 2015

WEEK #53 Trincheras

Hey everyone so I had a pretty crazy week with changes and all, but definitely one of my favorite weeks of the mission so far!!  So I left Brisas del Plan, Villanueva Wednesday morning and the lights were connected bad in our house in Brisas so I got home from saying goodbye to everybody and couldnt pack cause we had no lights that worked and a flashlight didnt cut it.  So I went to bed pretty late trying to get what I could ready and then wook up at like 5 the next morning when the sun was coming up to get everything packed!  We all went to the Banquet in San Pedro Sula to get our new changes cause as you know they didnt tell us.  It was pretty cool though cause they all took us into seperate rooms divided as zones and then 30 minutes later the APs came in with a paper that told us all where we were going and so then are ZL read them off to us and my change to Trincheras in the Fesitranh zone going as companeros iguales (or like were both senor comps)  with wait for it Elder Ririe!  I was so stoked to find out that he was gonna be my new comp cause hes one of my buddies that I had met when I was in Santa Barbara, when he was comps with my best bud Elder Fackrell.  Anyway hes freaking awesome and super chill.  Weve been having a good time, working hard and laughing tons.  Its amazing.  Hes from Utah.  And we actually have some cool people at home that we both know!

So my new area is sooo legit!  First off my house is gigantic!  We live with 2 other missionaries another one of my buddies Elder Hadley also from Utah and another Elder from Nicaragua Elder Hernadez!  So basically in the house there is never a dull moment!  This house is so open, and like 3 times the size of the house I had last, the pile is enormous like we could do laps in it (not really), we both have seperate rooms to study in (never have had that before)  and theres always water pressure, the bathroom is like elevated and super fancy and has a super sick shower head that spits out water good, and the kitchen is legit as well, plus a room to exercise in cause why not!  And the best part about this new house is that the room that we all sleep in at night has AC!!!!!!!!!  Thats a first as well and sleeping has never been better!  The ward here is amazing,  all the members Ive met are awesome, the mission leader does work!  Our investigators are few but super pilas and are all progressing real good!  Super stoked about them!  And this area is ready to get exploded!  Me and Ririe are already seeing miracles here!!  We got some new tactics were trying and working super hard!!  Gotta feeling this area is gonna be one of my favorites!! Stoked to be here!  High on life right now!

So this week was just a bunch of getting to know people and the area.  On Saturday we had a Zone Conference/Stake Conference and a member of the Seventy was there Elder Ochoa who we have heard from before in a mission conference and he capacitated only us as a zone and it was so legit!  He helped us and all the ward leaders to look out of the box, and how we can have a ton of progress here, and inspired us all to have more faith.  Just so cool to be that close to a person who kept telling us and promising us stuff as a special witness of Jesus Christ.  The spirit was so strong there listening to him and being instructed.  

So Ill tell you all more about the investigators and area next week but Im gonna tell you about the baptisms we had this last week in Brisas!  So we had the baptisms of Dunya and Oscar!  Dunya is a 45 year old lady who is the daughter of a Isidra who is a convert as of 3 months ago.  So amazing to be able to see her see the change that her Mom had in her life and be able to recognize that her Mom is in the truth and to see her testimony grow and see her get brotherhooded in by the ward and see her progress to her baptism!  She was so extatic and after she had passed her interview the Friday before she was so excited and came up to me and said Im good to go I passed!!  The most animated Id ever seen her.  She was so ready and it was such a great experience to be able to baptize her!!  Isidra was also very happy and content and pleased that her Daughter could get baptized.  Slowly her whole family will get baptized in the future I just know it!!  One person at a time always exactly how Christ had everyone come up and see the marks on his hands when he visited the Americas!!  They both have such great faith, it honestly blows me away sometimes.

The baptism of Oscar was also just as marvelous and good!  We had Hno. Garcia baptize him cause hes their neighbor and his the Familia Garcia has helpled us so much in the conversion process of Oscar.  Man though Oscar has such a great spirit and is just straight up special.  He just understood everything so well and just has the spirit of Christ!  Such a good kid!  He wrote me the sweetest letter when I left telling me how he was so grateful for us missionaries and that sometimes he would be sad in his house and then we would always come and teach him about Jesus and teach him how he could be a better person and that every time when we had left that he just felt so much better and so happy.  Such a good kid and he promised me that he is going to do everything good so that he can go on a mission one day!!  Hes also so excited to get the Aaronic Priesthood here soon and be able to pass the sacrament like Jesus did.  He also bore his testimony after his baptism and it was honestly one of the happiest moments on my mission.  One that I will never forget or take for granted.  As he was baring his testimony the spirit was so strong and I looked over at Hno. Lorenzo and he had the biggest smile on his face and had little tears running down his face, I couldnt help but do the same.  

Just so glad to be out here doing the Lords work and I can just see his hand in my life every day.  I know that he gives us trials to learn and grow and that after every trial there is always so many blessing waiting.  Grateful to be a missionary here in Honduras helping our brothers to come to Christ.  Nothing better.  Nowhere I would rather be.

Love You all and Miss You all

Love Elder Hunt


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