Thursday, September 3, 2015

WEEK #56 Awesome Week

Hey guys hows it going?!  Hope you all had a great week and thanks for all the emails and love sent my way always!  I love you guys!  This week was suuper hot and I keep thinking its gonna cool down a little but..maybe at the end of October haha.

Gonna keep this one short.  But Ririe and I have been coming home every night so exhausted from working its crazy!  And God just keeps on giving us new things to do, more people to work with and its honestly such a blessing.  Im just so happy right now to be doing the Lords work and to have such a cool comp to do it with!  

So Tuesday was an amazing day like honestly one of those days I always dreamed that my mission would be like.  I never dreamed of my mission with regards to rejection, haha i never even though about that aspect of the mission.  But I always had this dream of success and seeing people see so clearly the message of the restored gospel for what it is.  And thats exactly what happened this day.  We set up 3 baptismal dates!  One with this dude we found named David!  Working with him to help him overcome his addiction to drinking, but putting this fecha with him definitely puts a light at the end of the tunnel for him and something to work towards!  Also set up a date with Carlos and Dunya for the day after their wedding!!  They are such a cool family and story.  Carlos is like a ex gang member but is spun a 180 with his life and now has a family he cares for and realized the truth of this gospel and how it can help his kids in their future.  Hes a real smart guy and started speaking English out of the blue with me this week.  I was shocked cause I had no idea he even could hahaa.

So just some cool thoughts going through my head this week.  I honestly felt this week like I was opening up my mouth and the spirit was speaking through me.  Like words were seriously coming to my mind and I would just say them as they came and I could just feel the spirit working through me.  I explained some things that are usually hard to explain, and it came out so easy and I knew that the words were not just my own.  I looked back and tried to remember what I said and I really couldn't  this reminded me of a really cool scripture in Doctrina y Convenios 100:6. You all should read it.  The other cool thing that happened was just realizing the power and authority that Ririe and I teach with.  I recognize that this power and authority comes directly from our setting apart as missionaries and worthiness and faith and diligence in the work.  Alma 17:3 is one of my favorite descriptions of this power and authority that I'm talkingaabout. These lessons we have been having though seriously couldnt be planned though and I can see the Lords hand in our lives every day using us as his instruments to call to his chosen people.  

Anyway I just wanna say that its a blessing and privilege to be out here serving in Honduras.  Im so grateful for all these experiences that Im having.  No where better I could be.  I love you all and hope your all having a great start to the school year and doing great in work and in church!  

Love Elder Haden

P.S. Shout out to my homie Kyle Schauerhamer for getting his mission call to Milwaukee!  Hes gonna kill out there and work so many miracles!  Love you dude!

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