Thursday, September 3, 2015

WEEK #55 Exploding

Loving the work!
This week was so crazy!!  Hardly had time to catch my breath cause there is so much work we have to do here and that were doing!  Literally running around all day and meeting so many cool people every week!  We are definitely exploding this area!!  Wish that we had more hours in the day cause there is just so much to do and so many things to keep track of!  I seriously come home at night and Im dead tired.

This week we learned how to make Baleadas twice!  So I think we finally got it down!  Gonna try it out sometime this week with our new stove!  Hopefully Ill have it down by the time I get home so I can make Baleadas for everyone cause they are too good for anyone to not try them.  But Ririe and I are getting pretty pro.

We got out of a lesson this week with this guy who had studied a whole bunch of religious stuff throughout his life like Mythology, Theology, and has multiple degrees from studying the Bible.  Anyway I cant remember all that stuff that this guy had said about all the stuff he has studied but he knows alot to say the least.  However we were able to answer his every question and explain to him new things that he had never known before in the Bible.  We got out of that lesson at Ririe said to me you know its crazy that were only 19 years old but yet we can keep up with a talk like that in a language that isnt even our own.  We figured its because even though hes studied all that stuff he only has bit and fractions of the truth but we have the whole truth and thats the difference.  Pretty cool to think about it.

We had a multi zone conference this week too and our Mission President bore his testimony at the end about Jesus Christ.  I swear I could see Jesus glowing through our President.  That man is so awesome.  You all should look up the message the church has called The Messiah its a song that was performed way back when.  Super cool.  

Thursday we went with some of our investigators and we found out that their uncle had died and it was really cool to just sit down with them and talk with them about the Plan of Salvation and to be able to tell them that their uncle is in a better place and that they will be able to see him again one day.  Then that night we went to teach English Class and well the key broke that we were trying to open the church door with and then basically a hurricane came down on us!!  It was crazy, lightning sttriking a thunder booming, all the lights went out!  We just kinda waited it out and thank goodness the roof of the church provided some shelter so we didnt get soaked!!  

Friday we had 2 amazing lessons!  One with a less active and the other with our 2 investigators Carlos and Dunya!!  In the first one with the less active Vanessa we hadnt really planned anything and went in and ended up talking about Jesus Christ and when he was walking on the water and Pedro went out to meet up and sunk when he looked at what was all around him but then called out for the Lords help and immediately the Lord grabbed his hand lifted him out of the water.  We all bore our testimonies and she told us with tears running down her face that she had never felt the spirit that strong, then what she had felt in this lesson and that she kind of just went through the process with the missionaries but never felt anything or the spirit like that.  She kinda just got baptized cause everyone was pushing her into it but then she looked at us and told us that she knew without a doubt that this church was true and that she would start coming back!!  So cool!  Also we finished reading 2 Ne 31 with Carlos and Dunya and we were testifying about the authority and he asked us why we say that we are the only church with the authority and we explained the Restoration a little more and he finally got it.  HE UNDERSTOOD PERFECTLY!!  He told us now that he feels just so much better and that he has a peace of mind and heart when he thinks about joining our church now!!

Saturday we had a Mission Conference and it was a broadcast from Tegucigalpa Honduras because President Neilson came and spoke there and it was broadcasted to all the central America missions!!  It was so cool and the spirit was so strong and I learned so much!!  We also got some yummy food before and after.  Dennys to start off and some Chilis after!!  Got to be with all my buddies and it was such a good time!!  Also gave a talk yesterday in church and tons of our investigators showed up that we didnt think were going to!!  So stoked about the work here!!  Anyway busy busy busy here.  Having a blast with Ririe!  Freaking love that guy!!  Trying to get everything organized with all the work were getting.  Well get it together soon!!  

Love you guys and miss you tons!!  So great hearing from all of you always!!  Til next week!

Love Elder Hunt

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