Sunday, May 24, 2015

WEEK #40 Happy Mother's Day

Hey everybody!!  How are ya??  I hope everything is going well in Utah and that your all enjoying the booming thunder and rain right now!!  Sounds super legit!!  Sorry I didnt get the opportunity to send you all an email last week cause I was with my comp and he was saying goodbye to some people in Chamelikon and in Pimienta, 2 of his areas that he had before because he finished his mission this past Wednesday!!  So thats what I was doing last Monday!  Anyway gonna recap some funny and cool stuff that happened these last 2 weeks!!
What a cute kid!
Last Tuesday was el 5 de mayo!!  My little twins birthday!!  So Happy Birthday to them and I hope they had a good day!!  Also I was trying on some sandals in the morning on are way to the District Meeting and the girl that was helping me was totally trying to flirt with me.  It was pretty funny.  She complimented me on my eyes right off the bat and I was like thanks.  I continued to try on these sandals and she emphasised again like enserio sus ojos son tan bonitos regalamelos porfa which means like no really your eyes are so beautiful!  Give them to me please!  So i kind of just laughed again and the sandals didnt fit well so I said thanks and started to leave and she was like so your not going to give me your eyes??  haha i was like nope, sorry see you later.  It was pretty funny, but thats actually happened a lot here in this country.  Girls love blue eyes here.
Wednesday we had a sick day of contacting and divisions!  I went with the ward mission leader and my comp with a different member of the ward, and we found 8 news in total.  Me and the mission leader contacted the whole day and it was pretty fun.  I kept asking people if they knew Luis David Lanza (which is the name of the mish leader)  and they were like no and then I would say oh dang well we had this great message about the family that we wanted to share with him and continue from there or one of the times I said do you know Luis David?  They said no and I was like oh well here he is!  The mission leader had know idea what to say so I just said Im kidding and continued.  But contacting can be fun sometimes!  I just wish these people would stick that we find!
Our Subway meal:)
 We actually did find this super sweet new investigator named Jonathan and he understood the Plan of Salvation so good and we left him with the restoration and he read it all but he left to work for 3 weeks so we gotta wait for him to get back but he's super pilas!! 
Last Friday we went to San Pedro Sula for my comps final interview with President!  It was super cool and he took an English test and was trying to get me to help him at some parts haha but I said just do it man and it was funny to hear his answers in English cause it was an oral test.  Also I shouted my comp some Subway on the way back home and it was so good!!  First time eating there for 10 months!!  Last time I ate it was with the bros in Bear Lake haha.  Such good food though!  But heres the funniest part of that day!!  On the way home we were riding home in the Bus and my comp was asleep and I was just awake just chillin and thinking about stuff and out of the corner of my eye I see water flying towards my comps head!  I look to my left and realize that its not water thats all over my comps head now and running down his back but that the little girl behind him is throwing up all over him!!  It was crazy!!  I hurry and got up and got out of the blast and he wook up and had a face of like you gotta be kidding me.  It was so so funny.  I couldnt stop laughing!!  He just sat there and didnt move and then the girl did round 2 all over him.  His back was drenched with throwup and it was in his hair and everywhere.  Even a little got on me which was gross but at least I didnt get hit with the main fire!!  It was so funny!!
Our throw up pic!
Saturday we milked cows!!  It was a pretty interesting experience!  The first time Ive ever done it!  Pretty cool though, and pretty weird.  The guy was really cool though telling us all the facts about cows and the milk and he evened milked us some fresh cow milk in a cup and we all drank fresh cow milk from the utter.  Tasted pretty good, but a little warm and frothy.  hahaha good experiences here in Honduras
Sunday I got to talk with my family which was so good!!  Such a good day being able to talk with them and talk with my Mom!  I love her so much and I feel so blessed to have the family that I have!  They are doing so good and the whole family was over uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, and my buddy Waylon.  Super cool to talk with all of them and just to see how good they are doing!!  Im so grateful for my family! 
Happy Mothers Day to all of those wonderful mothers out there!!  Im gonna write what happened this week on the next email titled this week!!  Love you guys!!

Elder Hunt

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