Monday, November 10, 2014

WEEK #14 Chill Week

So not a lot happened this week.. we didn't have a baptism this week so that ends the 4 week streak!  Dang.  But things are going good here in this area.  I feel like its slown down a bit though.  We dropped a lot of our investigators that werent progressing, not coming to church and such.  So heres a nice little recap of this week.

Tuesday-  My umbrella finally died in a rainstorm, so I had to throw it away.

Wednesday- We went to San Pedro Sula because my companion had to get his passport and it took pretty much the whole day.  We ate lunch with the family he lived with in his first area and they were super cool.  They are evangelicos which is werid, but they house the mormon missionaries haha then we went to the mission office and met the new APs and the secretaries drove us to the bank.. got to listen to their Christmas music in the car!! Super good hearing some familiar Christmas songs!  

Thursday- Had a really cool lesson with our investigators Pablo and Anna.  They are progressing really well.  She prayed and asked God that if the message was true for this missionaries to show up to the next lesson and continue teaching them and if not to have us dissapear or go away and not teach her anymore.  Anyways we showed up so that was an answer to her prayer which was super cool and they are so receptive and he owns his own business and has a new employee worker there every time listening to our lessons.  They still havent come to church cause they had something that they had to do yesterday but next week there gonna come!  They also have two sons so hopefully we can teach them also soon!  

Friday-  We woke up at 5 and took the bus to El Centro to do service for one of the investigators of the Zone Leaders.  We basically moved a mountain.  Ive shoveled huge heaps of dirts before but this one was way bigger than anyone ive done at my house.  It was like 8 feet high and 10 feet wide.  We shoveled it into a wheel barrow and moved it into the investigators yard which was basically a swamp.  We were putting the dry dirt down so they had some earth to walk around on instead of water.  The zone leaders had a meeting so it was just me and my companion and 2 sisters from Centro.  But it was super fun and service is always good.  If nothing else hopefully they'll be able to say that the missionaries are awesome and love to serve!

Saturday-  I had to stay back with Elder Marte on divisions cause he had a fever and we went and ate lunch with a member and then went to a fiesta of this little 3 year old girl named Amish.  They kept on bringing me food and I kept trying to say no thanks, ive had a lot already but they didnt listen and kept on bringing me plate after plate of rice and home made rolls super good!  They had 2 pinatas and all the little kids and bigger kids all took 10 hits at it and it still wasnt broken so they said Elder Hunt.. do you want a turn?  I tried to say no im good, but they insisted so I took a couple hits and the kids just wanted me to break it so I finally took a good swing and showered candy all over them.  It was awesome to see them smile as it poured over them and wrestle for it.

So thats basically all that happened this last week!  This week I'd like you all to try and find an opportunity to go out and serve somebody!  I promise it will make you happy.  Remember when you are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God!  Love you all!  

Elder Hunt

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