Tuesday, November 4, 2014

WEEK #13 Rain, Halloween and More Rain!

The Bishop's baby girl who always wants me to hold her:)
So this week was pretty sick!  Flew by super fast!!  To start off we were lead to 11 new investigators this week, which was super cool cause a lot of our previous investigators have died off and we need new people to teach!!  We were talking to this one super Christian man who didn't want anything to do with our church and asked him if he knew anyone that needs our message in their life and he pointed us to a random house.  So we went there and it was a house of women, which is very common here.  3 women and all their crazy little kids and then 2 more showed up as well and we were on this little patio me and my companion teaching the restoration to 5 women and 10 little kids which was super cool.  My Spanish is starting to come a lot more natural which is amazing!!  So were gonna meet with them again soon!  Then that same day we were hungry so we went to a pulperia near by and bought some churros (chips) and coca cola haha and the lady asked us who we were and what we do!  So we taught her and her husband showed up and they wanted to hear a lot more!!  Pretty crazy though cause we taught them again yesterday. Her husband says that he has dreams with God and that he talks to him and that he has healed people when they've been really sick and such..  We asked him to pray to know if he needs to be baptized into this church and if the restoration is true so hopefully his dreams will confirm yes!  We also found a girl named Danira the next day and she's super peela, her sisters a member and she could feel the spirit really strong as we were teaching!  Also found some Testigos that were teaching so a total of 11 new investigators.  Hopefully we can teach them a lot more!

My little tiki pineapple jack o lantern!
Halloween was this week and I wanted to "trick or treat" a ton of houses, or in another words knock a ton of houses for Halloween but the weather said otherwise.  It rained so hard all day!!  We went to the super market to get our money for the 2 weeks and I bought tons of candy in memory of Halloween!  Haven't really touched or put a dent in it yet but Hay Mucho Dulce!  Umm so when it rains here you can basically count that all your citas or appointments are gonna fall through for the day.  The people just sleep here when it rains and don't let missionaries into their house cause they don't want it to get wet or themselves either!  So we took refuge at Hermana Figuroas house for a little, just to take a break from the pounding rain and she offered us some nice hot milk and sugar bread.  Super delicioso, y rico!   Taught less actives for the rest of the day and it was super awesome!

Angie's baptism day!
Now onto Saturday!  Craziest baptism ever!  First of all the Mission Leader filled up the faunt on Friday night, but since its been raining super hard the water was straight up brown.  Like you couldn't see anything, straight up mud water!  So the plug to the faunt was also not functioning so we had to bail the water out through the window to the outside cause we couldn't baptize Angie in Cafe Water!!  So basically what we did was got tons of trash cans and lined the up where the water was falling off the roof of the church the fastest!  We then collected the rain water in the trash cans and poured them into 5 gallon jugs.  Then once the jugs were filled they would scoot them over to me and I (since I  could reach the window)  would pour these hefty 5 gallon jugs through the window into the faunt!  Okay so now think about how much water it takes to fill up a faunt..  We were there for 4 hours from 8 in the morning til 12 collecting the rain water and pouring it through the window!!  I calculated about 70 five gallon jugs that we poured through the window to fill this faunt just enough so we could have a baptism.  Elder Ordonez  baptized Angie and she literally had to sit down in the water while he was kneeling cause there wasn't a lot of water, he had to do the baptism 3 times cause her knees kept coming up in the lack of water, but baptism by immersion is the only thing that really matters!! It was really cool!! Her family showed up too which was super cool!  And her little brother wants to get baptized too!  

  Just tons of rain here in Honduras!  Hopefully it gets snowing soon in Utah!!  I know for sure my dads started to listen to Christmas music by now.. haha and la vida aqui es masiso!! Love you all!!  Heres some pics from this week!! Tambien.. I carved a pineapple instead of a pumpkin for Halloween here in Honduras!! Pretty tricky!  Love you guys!! Hasta la proxima semana!  

Love Elder Hunt 

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