Monday, November 24, 2014

WEEK #16 Thanksgiving Week

This week flew by super fast.  They are all kinda just starting to blend together its crazy.  So we find out if we have changes today or not. I think we are going to be having a change but still not sure haha.  So we will see what happens!!  

So this week we taught a lot of lessons. Well not as much as we would have liked cause it rained super hard for 2 days and when it rains everyone just sleeps and they don't answer their phones or their doors and don't let you into their house wet haha.  But we had some good lessons with our main investigators this week and they all promised that they would go to church this Sunday so we were excited for Sunday,  but to no evail because no one showed up on Sunday for the third week in a row-So that kinda stinks.  These investigators we have are progressing but not progressing.  We have taught almost all the lessons with them and all they lack is going to church.  So thats kinda sad to see.  We are going to drop one of our investigators for a little (Julia).  She's one of the first people we found here and I wrote about her in my first letter and she's been to church twice and has felt the power of the Holy Ghost, but we've been teaching her for 3 months so were gonna leave her for a little and see if she notices a difference without us in her life.  I hope all will turn out well with her!  Give me some more ideas on how to get our investigators to church please!!

So this week I heard it snowed 3 feet in the mountains and ski resorts so I'm super jealous about that.  We had a huge rainstorm this week and we absolutely got soaked.  We had some youth members with us to go to the appointments with us and it started pouring cats and dogs.  The streets filled up with water and our shoes got filled with water from the pouring rain.  It honestly didn't matter if we stepped through the one foot deep puddles or not.  My companion had his new boots on and was bragging about how he didn't have any water in his shoes so we were walking to see if we could have a lesson with one of our investigators and there was a huge puddle and we started walking through it and he tried to take the high ground where it wasn't as wet but we pushed him into the puddle and we had a huge water fight which was super fun.  

Something pretty funny that happened this week, we were walking to one of our appointments and on the way saw one of our new investigators that hasn't been answering are calls or opening her door when we try to have a lesson with her.  Anyway we saw her and she saw us too and she was sitting down in her backyard, and spotted us and literally flipped onto her belly and started trying to army crawl to where we couldn't see her.  It was hilarious!  She eventually stopped and was layed out in the grass in plane sight and we waved at her and she was trying to remain hidden.  

Anyways gotta go!! I love you all and have a Happy Thanksgiving!! I will try to not miss you all to much and I'm gonna try to cook a turkey and mash some potatoes!!  Remember this week to make your prayers full of gratitude because God seriously gives us so much.  People here a lot of times don't have food to eat but they are still happy!  So make sure to eat my portion and have fun on Thanksgiving!!

Love Elder Hunt

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