Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WEEK #23 Missions Are Sick!

Jam Sesh!
So I had a great week this week!  Lots of things happened and all and all one of my most favorite weeks of the mish!  We went and played soccer again this morning and our investigator Daniel showed up which was sweet!  Super fun and we went to a music store after and had a sick jam sesh!

On Monday we made some home made Pizza at President Lopez's house (are branch president)  they were pretty dang delicious.  Elder Baird and I did work.  Also on Monday we found out that we were having changes and that Elder Baird was going to Los Dolores de Copan and that I have a new companion whos name is Elder Purcell.  

Beautiful Honduras!
We also found out on Monday that our investigator Yolani who was set up to be baptized on Saturday, had an emergency come up in her family and her cousin got really sick I guess, so she had to go to San Pedro Sula for the next 2 weeks to take care of her cousins kids.  So that was kind of a set back to our plans with her, but hopefully we can get her back in 2 and get her baptized!

Tuesday we went around saying goodbye to everyone and we got Baird already and packed up to go, then Wednesday morning he left on a bus with some other Elders to San Pedro Sula and I stayed with Elder Marte in my area.  Then my new companion came later in the day and he is awesome!  He is this Poly from Utah and is the funniest kid ever.  Hes been helping me out a lot already with spanish and everything and hes a really good teacher too.  

Dont have too much more time though so Ill let you all know how things are next week and update you better!  Oh by the way one update that we recieved on Sunday is that our area boundries are changing and that we have a lot more new area to go to and that there is about 1300 less actives in this branch, so were gonna be doing a lot of work these next weeks.  Pretty crazy.  Anyway love you all and heres a couple of photos from this week!

Love Elder Hunt

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