Friday, January 23, 2015

WEEK #24 Hitting 6 months this week!!

Hello everyone!!  This week on Friday I am hitting 6 months in the mission.  Pretty crazy to think that I have already been out here this long.  I have as much time left as a sister missionarys mission.  So here is a quick recap of my week!

Tuesday I ate the biggest Baleada that I have ever had.  This thing was as long as my forearm with my hand stretched out!  It was humungous and only costed 20 lempiras which is a dollar.  Pretty dang good.  I'll hopefully get a picture of it the next time we go to Confradia for a zone conference!

Wednesday we did some service in the morning for a member and his wife that we've been teaching!  We shoveled a lot of dirt to start off and then dug a little deep hole with a weird metal stick and sliced down banana trees with a machete.  It was sweet slicing down the banana trees with one stroke and they would fall in like slow motion.  We then played like some fruit ninja with the machetes and parts of the tree.  They are really soft.  Super fun.  My comp was feeling pretty sick though so the rest of the day we spent in the house so that he could sleep and get some rest.

Thursday I had divisions with Elder Woods are district leader because his comp and my comp were both sick so we left them at his house and went out to my area and did some good work!  We had some Sopa de Mondongo which is the cow stomach soup and this time it was actually pretty good.  I don't know if my taste buds are becoming more Hondurany or what not but I actually enjoyed it this time and I can also down pretty spicy stuff now which is pretty cool.  Elder Woods was sweet though and he taught me a lot in contacting and everything.  Really good district leader we have!

Friday Elder Purcell was feeling better and we went out to La Trinidad to teach our new investigator Alejandra who is the wife of a member in our ward.  She's come to church like 3 times now and the only problem is is that she is pretty stuburn with her church that she grew up in and its gonna take a little for her to accept our church but hopefully she can have an open mind to the things we are going to teach her.  

Saturday we had a 3 hour meeting at the church from 2to 5 that killed the main hours of the day and it was super boring, but President Lopez took us all out for some Chinese food after and it was dang good!  We also had a really good lesson with Omar as well that night!

Sunday Omar showed up to church!! Which means he can be baptized this Saturday and we will find out tomorrow if he's gonna do it or not!!  We've been working with this guy for like 10 weeks now so hopefully he'll make the right decision that he's been talking about.  He's the most ready out of all the investigators that I've ever had.  Lets pray that he can commit!  Also Alejandra showed up which was good too!  The rest of Sunday was really lame though cause I had a really good day set up with lots of appointments and back up plans and well every single plan we had fell through.  We had 10 for 10 of our plans fall through and only got 2 lessons for the whole day.  But I guess we have to have days like that to enjoy the good days right?

Anyway, I love you guys and hope you all have a great week!!

Love Elder Hunt

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