Sunday, February 1, 2015

WEEK #25 Flame Thrower

Burning of my tie- 6 month mark!
My dad's friend Dennis and me!
So this was a pretty legit week all and all!  Lots of ups and a couple downs but a great week over all!  But that's the mission life.  It breaks you down and builds you up.  I just wanna start off this week by saying that I have the best family in the world.  They may be on a cruise right now without me and having a blast, but they are always thinking about me and so kind and loving to me.  On last Monday my Dad said that his friend was coming to Honduras to visit his family down here and that he was gonna bring a package to me from my family and that I was gonna meet him.  So we made the plans and on Tuesday I got to meet my Dads friend from work at our church and he delivered me a package from home and it was too good.  I was talking to him in Spanish and he also had a friend with him and some of his family that weren't members and we set up an appointment with them and they actually live in our area in La Trinidad!  It was so cool.  My parents spoiled me with candy and jerky!  Its hard to find that good stuff down here in Honduras so if any of you ever wanna send me a package of candy and jerky or goodies I would love that too!!  Or if you wanna write a hand written letter that would be awesome!  Tuesday we also found 6 other new investigators and had 7 lessons!  It was a real good day!

Wednesday was also good and we found 2 new investigators, and Thursday we got 2 more news as well!  On Thursday we got to go and teach the family of my Dads friend in La Trinidad and it was such a great lesson.  She made us a sandwich and gave us a drink before and then we got to teach them!  It clicked with her really well and her daughter too and they like knew every answer to the questions that we were asking.  We were gonna stop at the Great Apostasy, but then she said wait so we needed a restoration right?  And we were like ya we did and now were going to continue.  So we taught them all the whole first lesson and challegend them to be baptize and they all said yes!  So hopefully we can continue to work with them and have success! Super peelas!  Oh and also on Wednesday Omar still hadn't given us his desicion and said he would tell us Friday the day before the baptism.  

Friday we worked hard again and found 2 more news, and we tried to have our lesson with Omar, but he wasnt home and wouldnt answer his phone so that was that.  We didn't have the baptism like we were planning which kind of stunk.  But we were walking by his house yesterday and he called us over.  I really didnt even want to talk with him, but he said that he would be baptized but that he didnt want to be baptized just him by himself.  But he wants to be baptized on a day when another person is being baptized too.  Kind of weird but as long as he gets baptized I will be happy.  So we set the 7th with him to be baptized with the other missionaries investigator.  Praying that this time works.  Also on Friday I completed my 6 month mark in the mission.  Its cool to finally not be a baby in the mission but to actually have a little bit of time.  It feels good.  But this time has gone by super fast.  Looking back at the whole thing like a lot happened and ya its been long but yet its hard to believe Im already a quarter of the way through.  I gotta step up my game and work harder with this little time that I have!

A beautiful sunset in Honduras!
So Saturday we got 2 more news and found a really good peela investigator who had missionaries 15 years ago and the only reason she didnt get baptized was because her husband was a raging alcoholic and they couldnt get baptized, but now shes divorced from him and we taught her kids too and they are super ready to hear the gospel!   Sunday came and at church we had 6 investigators there, but it was kind of funny.  Elder Purcell turned to me and said hey we have 6 investigators here but you wanna know the funny part, we didnt teach any of them this week.. and the ones we taught werent here.  So we decided that maybe will just stop teaching our investigators and they might come to church.  No just kidding but funny that thats what happened.  Hopefully will have more there next week!!  Picked up another 3 on Sunday as well!

So ya it was a good week full of hard work, a sweet package from my family, and 17 new investigators that we have to teach this next week!  Hopefully we can get some good progress with all the new people we have and work even harder this week!  Also because it was my 6 month mark, I burnt a tie as tradition for missionaries!  Heres some pics!  Love you all and have a great week!  (P.S. had to improvise because my tie wasn't burning that good)

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