Sunday, February 8, 2015


Beautiful sunset on the evening my parents were in Honduras
So this week was pretty chilly.  We had some nice cloud coverage the whole week and had to wear our long sleeves a couple of days!  Even woke up in the night a couple times cause it was a little brisk!  But today is definitely a lot hotter and it looks like the hot season is about to begin!  So will see how that goes!!  I learned the Haka from my Samoan Comp so that was pretty sweet.  Im learning a lot from that guy!   My family was in Honduras this week too!  Didn't get to see them or anything but it was cool to know that they were in the same country as me!!  They even got to try some authentic Baleadas and Pastelitos that are so delicious its unreal!  

My poor toe!
I had to get a little surgery on my toe this week because Ive had an ingrown toenail for the past 6 weeks that Ive kinda of just neglected and its just gotten worse so I had to get it cut.  One of the doctors in our ward was so nice though and just told us to come to his clinic and so we went and he did it all for free and I was kind of freaking out cause they were saying that they needed to take out the whole nail and I didn't want them to do that but they ended up just cutting it.  They had to numb it up a little which felt weird like numbing your mouth at a dentist but in your toe!  But everything went well and my toes feeling better now!  

Then Wednesday was the day that my family was in Trujillo, Honduras!  Felt really cool to know that my family was in the same country as me that we were looking at the same sky!  We did a super contact this days for the sisters and we found some interesting people for them to go teach.  We found a man that we were talking to and he said that he didn't like how there were so many churches on the earth today and he doesnt think its right.  So we were talking to him about how we wanted to share why there are so many churches on the earth today and how he could know which church was true.  He rejected us though saying that well if I have you guys come over your just gonna want me to come to your church and then I just dont think thats good if I go to two churches.  Kinda stinks that we couldnt get another lesson with him to share the message of how God has restored his church again on the earth and that we belong to the true church today.  Satan has hardened the hearts of many and blinded them so its hard for them to see the truth.  Hopefully we can find the people that are ready though to hear our message.

Thursday we found 6 news that have had the missionaries before and accepted us.  They all seemed pretty cool and I'm looking forward to getting to teach them more this next week.  We found them on this obscure trail that led up the mountain and it was pretty cool to find them in such a random spot!  We also taught a lesson this night with one of our news Eva, but the TV was just too loud and too many children running around to feel the spirit.  Lots of distractions and so were gonna have to go teach her again, hopefully this next time without the distractions!

Friday we helped the President in our branch move from Barrio Abajo to our area.  It was fun helping someone move, even though it was a lot ghettoer than the states haha we didnt have a nice fancy U Hual but a little toyota truck with rusted metal gates.  It took a while to get everything there but it was nice being able to serve the President of our branch cause hes such a nice guy.  We found a really, super peelas investigator this night.  She has a boyfriend out on a mission and was so happy to see us and she was a reference from this family in the ward.  The spirit was so strong during this lesson as we were just talking about the good that her boyfriends doing in Guetamala and how the message we share really does change peoples lifes!  She had such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ in her life and it went so well!! So excited to visit with her again and see her progress!  

Saturday we also helped another on of the people in our ward move.  The doctor that helped me with my toe Hermano Cierras.  Hes such a nice guy and Im gonna miss him in the Branch.  We had a nice singing sesh in one of the rooms in his house that echoed good with me, my poly comp, Elder Cerros from Australia and Woods from Arizona.  It was legit.  Then the rest of the day kinda blew cause all of our citas fell.  Every single one.  But thats the mission life I guess you win some and you lose some. 

 Sunday we had interviews with President Dester and he is just the most loving guy that you could ever meet.  He sure did cheer me up and cheer me on.  Im so glad to have him as my president.  Hes helped me out so much.  He is one of the most patient, loving, Christ like men I know.  Glad to have him as my President.  We also got a brand new investigator in church that weve never even met and he just came cause he was interested.  Super peelas too and am excited to meet with him this week.  The Lord is Hastening his work.  This week try to think of someone you can share the gospel with and then go out and do it.  We have the Pearl of Great Price that everyone is looking for and everyone needs.  Dont be afraid to share it with others.  They need it!  Ask God in your prayers to help you think of someone that could benefit from this gospel and for him to put oppurtunities in your life to share it with others!  He will answer your prayers!

Love you all!

Elder Hunt  


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