Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WEEK #29 Que Tal

This week was an okay week.  Not a lot happened!  On Tuesday we had a zone conference and its always nice to be able to talk with the guys from my MTC district there!!  Gotta love good old Elder Fackrell and Bergstrom!!  Then afterwards we had some killer pollo con tajadas!! Chicken with like these fried banana fries and salsa over it!! Its sooooo good!!  We had to help the sisters move out of their apartment because their area is shutting down because our mission is getting reduced in numbers and they dont have enough sisters for them to be out here I guess.  So no more sisters in the district or in the zone for that matter.  Gonna have a different feel without the sisters here in the District!
Teaching my boys how to stunt!

Today was a pretty fun PDAY!!  We played some sick frisbee and Elder Purcell did this unbelievable catch.  He said throw it low and I did and he threw his arms up and did a cartwheel and took one of his hands off the ground while upside down and snagged the frisbee out of the air lands the cartwheel and it was crazy.  One of those how did that just happen moments!  Love my companion though hes crazy!!  I didn't know that Poleys could even do cartwheels haha.  I also taught the elders in my district how to do some stunts today which was pretty fun and sketchy haha!  Ill add some photos!

But this week was just one of those weeks where a lot of people canceled on us and not a lot of people wanted to hear us but thats okay!  I guess it just makes you happy for the good weeks that you have here in the mission!!  Keylin didn't get baptized on Sunday because she was feeling sick but we are going to have her baptism with her cousin who is a member Jeremy this Saturday so we are really stoked for that!!  We are going to work hard this next week and get a lot done I just know it!!

I hope you all have a great week and am sorry this letter is kind of short and didn't explain too much!!  I'll do better next week for sure!!  I love you all and miss you tons!

Love Elder Hunt

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