Friday, March 6, 2015

WEEK #30 Blooming

Well this week was great!!  We haven't been given planners for the past 3 weeks so its hard to remember exactly what happened this week haha.  In the mission planners are basically like an iphone!  Were always just whipping them out and writing down phonenumbers, dats, planning stuff constantly!  Anyways we got a lot done this week and found some sweet new stuff!!

Crazy kid...
This week we had the oppotunity and privelege to listen from Elder Ochoa who is from the 70!!  It was so cool to be able to listen to a representative of the Lord from the 70!!  We all got to shake his hand and introduce ourselves and I said of course that I was from Utah and he said what part and I said Lehi!  He said yo vivia en Highland, somos vecinos!  Or I used to live in Highland were neighbors!  Pretty cool!  I learned so much from him!  Evidently he used to be the Mission President of this mission back when the East and West were combined and he gave us some great advice on what we need to be doing to be better missionaries!  He talked a lot about faith and how as missionaries we need to have faith and be exactly obedient and work super hard and if we do these things we will have sucess.  He talked about how we need to just find the chosen people that God has prepared for us and how as missionaries we often spend too much time on investigators that aren't really going to progress and how we need to use our time more efficiently on the ones that are chosen.  We were all wondering how to know if the investigators are chosen are not and he said that we just have to do one simple test.  After the first lesson we need to baptism challenge them and if they say Yes, then there the chosen ones and understand what we are teaching them and if they say no or dont really want to then its just not there time and we gotta move onto finding the chosen!  It was super inspiring and Elder Purcell and I were definitely trying to find these chosen people and we baptismed challenged a lot of people this week!  It was awesome!!  A lot of them said yes too so now we just got figure out how to get them to church haha!  But we are seeing a lot of bright things in the future for this area and were working hard and we know that the Lords gonna bless us!

I hope this isn't as dangerous as it looks!
This week we found this guy who was pushing a wheelbarrow full of rocks with his kid in it stopped on the side of the road as it looked like he was tired and we asked if we could help him with it!  He gladly accepted and we pushed this wheelbarrow to his house and boy was it heavy!!  But he was super cool and he told us that he had had missionaries like 12 years ago and we asked if we could start teaching him again and he was like ya I would love that!!  He also told us that his sister next door was really sick and I guess she was like a very inactive member or something but we went over and got to give her a blessing which was so cool too!!  So now were gonna start teaching them both again!!  I love being able to serve as a missionary and as well give priesthood blessings.  We also found some guy that spoke English this day as well who apparently has a sister that lives in Cedar City and is a member!!  Evidentely hes been to Cedar City before when it was snowing pretty hard and he told me that the weather just isnt for him haha!  So were gonna start teaching him and his wife too!!  They were super cool and hes way legit!!  I feel like they could be some really pilas investigators!! Cant wait to teach them again!!

So this Saturday were looking like were gonna have 2 baptisms!! Jose Luis is the first one who was a reference from President Lopez and hes so legit!!  Hes the one that only had one question when we started teaching and that was when can I be baptized??  ever since then hes just been progressing and excelling so fast and he just gets this stuff!!  Also we didnt have our
baptism Keylin this last Saturday because we changed it to this Saturday so hopefully both of them work out!! Im super excited!  Anyways hoping to have another great week and talk to you all next week!!  Cuídense!! 

Love Elder Hunt 

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