Monday, March 23, 2015

WEEK #33 1/3 of the Mish

Nice day today!  Probably in the high 80's.  Today is my 8 month anniversary so that means Im 1/3 done with the mish.  Pretty crazy.  This morning we played some Ultimate Frisbee at the church which was fun!  I also just had some carnitas which were delicious!!  This week was good!  We found some pretty cool new investigators and dropped some that we've been holding on to for much too long.  Just not their time right now I guess.  

Elder Hunt 8 months in and Elder Purcell 1 year in!
Anyway heres some highlights of the week!  On Wednesday we decided to try a part of our area that we've never been to before so we went out to Caulinas and well basically we didn't find anything out there and I don't think that missionaries have ever been out there before because no one knew who we were so that was cool to touch a part of the earth where missionaries have never walked before!  But its a little too far away from where we live and costs a lot to get there so maybe missionaries will get assigned there one day cause its huge!  But we did figure out the reason we felt like we needed to go out there because on the way back we stopped at a bus stop in ILama and while we were waiting for the next bus to take us home we sat down and watched this little kids soccer game that was going on, on a big field below us.  These kids were playing barefoot and some with cleats and were wrecking eachother, it was crazy.  But we were sitting with one of the parents in the stands, (the only parents) and were talking and then the guy next to us was like, Hey! Whats up Guys?  You all know English huh?  So we started talking to this guy and evidently he lived in Boise, Idaho for 17 years and had just got back here to honduras 4 months ago.  I was talking it up to him about the states and Meridian Idaho cause thats where my family  the Andrews live!  It was sweet!  We also were talking about lifting a lot and all that fun stuff!  We started talking about the church and he told us that hes been to church a lot of times and just never got baptized because he was always busy with work up there, but he loves our church.  He said that he has a lot more time now in his life and that he would love to have us over and go to church and everything!!  So that was a sweet find!  I guess Gods hand guides us everywhere we need to go even if we have to take a trip out to Caulinas and back to find this family!

Friday we did a lot of service which is always fun!  We chopped in the morning one of our investigators yards!  Im getting pretty dang good with a machete!  Also on Friday I had divisions with my DL Elder Woods and it was so fun.  We went to this new investigators Rockys house and he was chopping some wood so we asked if we could help.  The axe he had was no good so we started chopping these logs with his machete!  We basically got all the way through the log  but the middle was super hard so Elder Woods had this great idea to lean the log up and drop it on the stump nearby.  What he didn't take into account is that there was a river below us full of poop.  So Woods dropped this log on the stump and it hit the stump and didn't even break and started rolling down the hill and went into the poopy river.  I was like you idiot haha.  So Woods had to try and pull this log out of the river and got his hands all gross and we ended up tying a rope around it and dragging it up.  Rocky was like alright you guys are done and then got upset with us cause his machete was a little bent too.  Pretty funny though.

Church was good on Sunday we had our investigator Karina there who is probably going to get baptized in like a 2 weeks!!  So thats exciting!  We also made some progress with Cory this week!  So everythings good here in Santa Barbara!  Probably going to be having changes here soon though so will see who everything pans out!!  Also super cool to see Uranya who is a recent convert of the Elders that live with us teach our recent convert Jose Luis in Gospel Principles class.  Just strengthed my testimony to know that this church is growing!  Anyway love you all and hope you all have a great week!!

Love Elder Caza

P.S. my boy Elder Purcell hit his 1 year mark this week!!  Us burning his shirt!!

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