Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WEEK #32 Apostle Anderson and General Authorities

So this week was so good!  Lots of crazy cool stuff that happened!!  First off, its getting so hot here.  Thank goodness the sun is starting to go down earlier is all I have to say!!  Getting some mean missionary tan lines though!  Today we went to the Speed Ball Cancha and played some fútbol!!  It was pretty legit!  

Cool bridge!
So Tuesday was pretty sweet!  It was Elder Estradas birthday and we all pitched in and bought him a nice little guava cake!!  Which we shoved in his face but It was delicious!!  Its also a tradition here in Honduras that on someones birthday you have to egg them!!  So we did!!  We bought some baleadas from Pres. Yanes and then bought some eggs while Estrada wasnt looking!  We walked up the road a little and told him that we wanted to make a video for his birthday to send home to his family!  So we started filming and then my companion made a distraction and while Estrada was looking over there we all smashed eggs on his head!  It was hilarious and it smelt so bad!  Pretty funny tradition though!  Then on Wednesday morning at like 3 in the morning I woke up to go to the bathroom and stepped on the ground only to have my foot covered ankle deep in water.  I was like what the heck am I still dreaming and then I realized that the house had flooded again.  So I hurried and picked up all my stuff from off the ground, and the next morning we swept it all out.  So that was fun.  Its gonna be nice when I have a house without a pila in it!

Thursday we found some pretty cool new investigators!!  Some random kid came to church last week with his girlfriend whos name is Blanca and he lives in our area, but we didnt know where and we ended up finding his house as we were contacting a random street that we had never contacted before so that was cool and were gonna teach all of his family soon too!  We also found the house of the guy that drives the bus to church every sunday and his family is huge!! Were gonna go teach them soon and see if he'll stay for church this next sunday!!  Friday we also found 4 news and 2 of them are a missionary couple from another church who have been struggling and not been recieving any support from their church and loved our message!  So maybe will convert some missionaries!!  

So happy to spend time with Elder Measles!
Saturday was the big day that we got to go to San Pedro Sula and see an apostol and general authorities talk to us!!  This event was so big that the East and West mission combined together to listen from these general authorities!!  We had to wake up at 3 in the morning and then caught a bus at 430 to San Pedro Sula and ate some quick McDonalds to start the day off good!  Then we went into the big chapel and I saw some buddies from the MTC from the East mission!! It was so cool!  I walked into the chapel and then I saw ELDER MEASLES!!  I gave that kid such a big hug!! It was so awesome seeing him and just whack!  It was like having a little piece of home with me for a little!!  So good seeing him!!  We all got to go up and shake the hands of the General Authorities who were Elder Richard Maynes from the Presidency of the Seventy, Bishop Dean Davies, Elder Ochoa and from the Quorom of the 12 Elder Neil L. Anderson!!  It was so cool being able to shake their hands and look into their eyes!  You could just feel the spirit so strong listening from them.  Elder Anderson speaks like 5 different languages and he asked when he was beginning his talk for the powers of heaven to be lowered to help him to be able to deliver his message in Spanish.  He did it without a translator or anything and you could hear exactly what he was trying to say even though he would mix in a little bit of Portugese and French on accident!  But the gift of tongues is real!  He did such a good job and basically told us that its not just about baptizing but making sure that our investigators have a change of heart and experience the atonement of Jesus Christ in their lives and feel its cleansing affect.  We have to make sure they feel that or otherwise they will go inactive!  That guy also had like the whole Book of Mormon memorized and knew in each chapter what it was about off the top of his head!! Way too cool!  Hearing his testimony and all the others just strengthened my testimony even more and I just wanna say that I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ and that we have a prophet and apostoles today that recieve revelation to let us know what we need to be doing in our lives!!  

I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!!

Love Elder Hunt

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