Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WEEK #31 Semana de Bautismos

What a great week we had this week!!  I got to see and experience some amazing things this week and cant wait to share them all with you in this letter!!  Where do I start??  

My little friend Fanny:)
So Thursday after lunch I got a call from one of my converts from my last area Dony Gallegos!!  It was so good to hear from him!!  He is now the new ward mission leader and starting the process of getting his papers ready for the mission!!  The bishop told him that he could turn his papers in in September and that he could be leaving on his mission as soon as November or December!!  Which means that a convert that I baptized on my mission will be serving his mission while Im still out here on mine!!  So crazy to think about that and it strengthened my testimony even more of this work!!  I could also tell that Dony has gained a stronger testimony as he was sharing with it to me over the phone while we are talking and telling me how he knows that God answers all of our prayers!  He told me that he prayed to be able to find a good job so he could start saving money to go on his mission and that he now has a job with concrete and knows that God answered his prayer!!  It was so good being able to talk to him and hear how great he is doing.  He even commented that my Spanish has gotten so much better being as he could barely understand me when I was in Puerto Cortes and now we were just talking!!  So that was so cool to hear that too and man am I happy to hear how great and the progress that Dony is making!!

Jose's baptism
On Saturday we had both of our baptisms and they both went great!! Ill start with the first one which was Jose Luis!!  His baptism was at 10 in the morning and we got there and he was already there with President Lopez and we had to wait for Jose Luis girlfriend and her family to show up (who are members) and then we started with the service!!  We had 2 talks on baptism and the holy ghost and then I got to bear my testimony right before he went into the water and it was a super cool experience!!  Then him and President Lopez (President of the Rama) went into the water and Jose got baptized!  Nows hes kind of a quieter more held back man but I could tell when he came out of the water that he was happy and it was so good to see that!  As you recall he was a reference from President Lopez and that weve been working with him and teaching him the last month!!  What I didn't know is that this man had been being prepared for a long time leading up to his baptism!!  He first came in contact in 2009 with President Lopez as they worked together and were staying in the same living quarters!  How Jose Luis became interested was that he saw Pres. Lopez saying his prayers every night and morning and saw him reading weird books like El Libro De Mormon and the Liahona.  This sparked some curiosity in Jose Luis and he started asking questions to Lopez about the church and it all is history from there!  Lopez said that he always just had so many questions to ask him and that he would always respond gladly!  Anywayy that just goes to show how a little example goes a long way and leads to a soul being able to come back to God!!  Be that example!!  Jose Luis also bore his testimony and told us all how grateful he was for everyone helping him being able to take this big step in his life!  He said I know this church is true and am just so grateful to have all of you getting me here!!  Way cool!

Keylin's baptism!
So that was a perfect baptism and then the next one was a little bit more wild!  We had Keylins baptism at 3 and she got baptized with her cousin Jeremy!  Her uncle Dennis was able to baptize both her and Jeremy cause she wanted him to do it which was pretty cool!  Dennis is a convert as of 4 years and it was cool to see him being able to do this ordinance for his family with his preisthood!  So what was crazy about the baptism is that the Pineda family is wild!  The kids were all running around the whole time and it was hard to keep reverence in the room!  Dennis wasn't quite sure how to do the baptism words and all that too so we were teaching him too and he had to try it several times before he finally got it good!  Then Keylin went into the water and she was so pretty reminding me of Marla from my last area and she got baptized good!  Her crazy grandma though the one that tried to put her arm around me on Valentines was talking during the baptism prayer and we were trying to get her to shhhsh.  But it went good and despite the craziness the spirit still managed to be there thankfully and we got to hear both their testimonies after!  A Honduras baptism to remember for sure!  

What a sweet girl- we are so excited for her!
So Saturday was such a good day and Sunday too!  I got to bless the sacrament and Jose Luis got confirmed as well as Jeremy.  Keylin didnt show up til a little later so they werent able to confirm her, but were doing it next week so thats cool.  Another cool experience I had was while I was sitting up at the sacrament table looking at Jose Luis and his girlfriend and I had like kind of a day dream, zone out moment, maybe a mini vision of them all dressed up in white outside of the temple.  That was so cool to see and I know it will happen in the future!!  

Anyway I just cant tell you how rewarding and how great it is to be a part of this great work!  Missionary work!! Theres nothing better!!  Although theres up and downs the weeks like this and experiences are worth it without a doubt!  I cant tell you how great it is to be a missionary.  I also want to comment that you dont need to be wearing a badge or be dressed up in a suit and tie to be doing this work.  Like Pres. Lopez you can just set examples for your friends that you work with or maybe neighbors that are members and you can be doing missionary work at home helping the missionaries!!  Im gonna tell you all a great iniative we are starting on March 29th next week.  Its for the Latin America countries and im not sure if it includes the whole world but i know we can be doing it at home too!  Every member a missionary!!  

I love you all and sorry if this letter was a little long!  Just means it was such a great week!  This next week is be so great too cause on Saturday we are going to get to here from Neil L. Anderson of the quorom of the 12!!  We are going to be hearing from an apostole!! So stoked!!  Also way stoked to see my buddy Elder Austin Measles at this conference from the East mission!!  Its gonna be too good!! Cant wait!!  Love you all!  Have a great week!

Love Elder Hunt

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