Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WEEK #27 Peelas

Beautiful Honduras
So the weather here is kind of funny.  It reminds me of Utah sometimes!  It started off super sunny and hot this week and then got super ugly and rainy and cold for the other half of the week and now its pretty sunny again!  It is definitely getting hotter here in Honduras though.  Its nice though cause Ive missed the sun!  But this week was super legit and even though we didn't have a ton of lessons we found some really good investigators which I am stoked about!

We were contacting this week because some of our citas (appointments) had fallen through and we came across this lady chopping wood with a machete.  We asked her if she needed any help and she said she was good.  So we insisted some more and she still wouldn't let us help. Anyway we started talking about our purpose as missionaries and how we would like to share a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ that would bless her life.  She wasn't that receptive but told us that she had a neighbor that was mormon and pointed up the hill.  So we went up the hill to the house she said and we didn't even know that a member lived there, but we said (Buenas!!) cause you don't knock on doors hear you just yell (Buenas) at the house and they come out.  Anyway she came out and let us in and she was a member that hadn't been to church in like 5 years and she has 2 kids that haven't been baptized that are old enought to be baptized and said she would like to start coming back and get her kids baptized!! So it was cool that we could find her through a non member contact!

District short tie meeting!
Last Sunday we got introduced to a man at church whos not a member but, he lives in our area and had been wanting us to go teach him.  Hes a reference from the Branch President who he works with.  So we set up a cita with him and went to his house and talked to him for a little getting to know him and stuff.  We always ask the question to our new investigators if they have any questions for us before we begin, or doubts or something that they want to know about our church so we can kind of know what to teach or help them.  Anyway we asked this question to him (Tiene algunas preguntas para nosotros antes de empezar?)  and he said well the only question I have is about baptism.  When is the soonest date that I can be baptized?  Me and Purcell were stunned at this question and looked at each other and smiled like wow is he serious and then answered him.  Well let us look at the calendar real fast and we figured out he can be baptized on the 22nd cause hes already been to church 3 times and just needs the lessons.  So that was super cool and we were gonna start off with the restoration, but he was like no i already know about that I just want to talk about baptism.  So we did lesson 3 and it was amazing.  The spirit was there and it was such a cool experience!  After the lesson me and Purcell decided to just offer a prayer of thanks for what had just happened!  Seriously so cool.  His name is Jose Luis!

Saturday the Elders that live with us had a baptism!  Elder Cerros from Australia and Elder Estrada who has one month in the mission from El Salvador!  They baptized their investigator Uranya and it was so good!  She is so peelas and people were asking her in the ward before she was even baptized if she was sure that she wasnt a member!  She bared her testimony at the end and it was so good.  The spirit was so strong and she started crying while giving it.  So cool to see an investigator in the waters of baptism here in Santa Barbara because it's a bit of a harder area than the rest in Honduras.

We also got introduced this week on Sunday to a little girl whose name is Kalen! She is 9 years old.  Her grandma is a member in the ward, but Kalen has had the other missionaries visiting her before and never wanted to get baptized with them.  But we taught her once and she wants to get baptized with us!  Super cool and shes the nicest, cutest little girl!  Also another interesting thing happened on Sunday.  I forgot to mention to you all maybe because I was a little bit freaked out or what not from the experience that I had but one day as we were taking the bus to La Trinidad i sat down next to this guy who had lots of paintings of Jesus and cross necklaces and so forth.  He tried to sale me some and I told him I was good.  Anyway he started talking to me during the bus ride and we talked about religion and I basically taught him the third lesson which was cool but half way through I could just tell that this guy was gay.  He was talking about the United States with me and was telling me how he really wanted to go to the United States and stuff and then he was talking me somemore and asked me how I like Santa Barbara and I said oh its good and what not.  He was like it sure is pretty huh?  I was like ya its pretty pretty here.  Then he said Spain is also a very  beautiful country.  I was like oh so you've been there before and he replied "no, but I would like to go there with you."  I didn't even reply.  I was just waiting to get off this bus.     Anyway from that story back to church, he somehow found the church and traveled all the way from Confradia and left at 6 in the morning so he could come to the church in Santa Barbara.  Super weird.  I told him to call the missionaries our ZLs in Confradia and they can start teaching you.  Anyway pretty weird story.  Hopefully the ZL's can help him out!

Anyway things are good here in Honduras and I might be having changes on the 18th so will see how that all works!  Me and Purcell have been having a blast and doing good work so I hope we don't have changes but will see where the Lord needs me!  I love you all and I would all like you to think about the New Years Goals that you set and ask yourself if your acheiving them the way you would like and if not readjust them and try and do it!!  Thats would we always need to be doing in our lives is looking at our lives and asking ourselves how we can improve to be where we want to be and making little adjustments here and there.  One of the most perfect, prime opportunities to do that is during sacrament.  We need to ask ourselves how we can become like the Savior and how we can make our selves in our lives closer to him.  We are never going to be perfect but this life is a preparing us to meet God.  Everything is fine tuning.  Constantly seek to improve yourselves in little aspects.  If your not reading the scriptures right now, read them!  Alma 37: 6,7   If we do the small little things every day like reading the scriptures and praying and going to church every sunday we will always stay on the straight and narrow path that leads to Eternal Life!!   I testify of this!  Love you all and have a great week!

Love Elder Hunt

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