Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WEEK #28 Valentines on a Mission

I hope you all had a Feliz Día de Amor o Dia de San Valentin!!  Purcell and I kind of forgot that it was Valentines on Saturday so we went into our favorite chicken strips and french fries restaurante and sat down and ordered our food.  We thought everyone was there for the soccer game that was on, but then we looked around and saw that everyone was sitting at their tables on dates as couples for Valentines Day.  Purcell and I were like shoot this probably looks weird with just 2 dudes at a table.. anyway thats the mission life!  This week was pretty good for work!  We got 33 lessons in!  Not too shabby!  Our investigators are progressing pretty good and were looking to be having around 4 baptims next month and 1 this coming Sunday!  I might not stay to see it though, being as there is changes on this Wednesday and everyone has a feeling Im leaving.  Hopefully we get that news soon and Ill tell you at the end of this letter!  Crazy to think I already have 12 weeks here in Santa Barbara the same amount of time that I had in Puerto Cortez!  Time is flying!

Loving the sunset!
Not really much to really report on this week!  Just a lot of hard work and learning every day!  Purcell and I have finally figured out the perfect first appointment visiting lesson.  We usually go in an teach about who God is and how the gospel can bless families and then jump into the restoration with them, but then thats kind of why everyone thinks we just talk about Joseph Smith.  So we tried just this week just starting the first lesson just talking solely on Jesus Christ and God and how the gospel can bless families.  It went really well and we noticed that people would just open up to us and tell us their whole life story which was amazing.  Then we could find their needs and it was perfect.  So then they know that we are there solely just to help them and then we show them the Restoration after and then they have our trust and are gonna be more submissive to the things we ask them to do cause they know that were not trying to sale them something but trying to help them come unto Christ by making these small covenants with God.  

Something else funny,well kind of weird happened on Valentines day!  We were trying to teach our little investigator Kalyin whos gonna get baptized next Sunday and her grandma kept on interupting and wouldn't let us talk with her.  The grandma was sad because her son in the states hadn't called her to say hi and she was telling us her whole life story about how she raised those kids and how they are so ungrateful and so on.  Anyway I finally told Purcell hey you go teach Kaylin and Ill stay here and talk with the Grandma.  Anyway Purcell said okay and him and Kaylin went into the kitchen.  Im just sitting there on the couch and as soon as Purcell went into the kitchen, the old granny got up and came and sat down right next to me, put her arm around me and starts brushing my arm with her hand.  I was like oh no.. what the heck is happening?  Thank goodness Purcell forgot the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and came in looked at us like what the heck?  and said Hunt come sit over here so I can see you.  I was so relieved.  Anyway that was a scary moment.

Making smores!
Last night was pretty cool!  We went to President Lopez new house our Branch President and we had a little campfire devotional and smore roasting time!  It was awesome!!  I don't think I've ever ate so much chocolate and marshmellows in my life!  It was too good!  It was really cool though too to hear all of the testimonies and share mine and I was talking with everyone super easily.  The spanish is doing so much better!  Had kind of a moment yesterday where I was like dang I can speak spanish pretty good!  So thanks for all of your prayers!  

Also super cool thing we found out this week!  Neil L. Anderson of the Quorom of the 12 Apostoles is coming to Honduras to speak to us and its such a big event that the San Pedro Sula East mission and the West mission are combining together.. which means that I'm going to get to see my best buds Elder Derik Beeston and Austin Measles!!!  Ahh man I am so stoked!  Its gonna be so cool to listen to an apostle and get spiritually pumped while being able to sit with my buds from Lehi!  I cant wait!!  Anyways just found out that I don't have changes so it will be another 6 weeks here in Santa Barbara for me.  Got more work to do here!  Gonna be sweet!  Glad that I have Elder Purcell as my companion!!  Gonna be here til beginning of April haha!!  Love you guys and have a great week!!

Elder Hunt

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